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Vegetable Net Bag

Our vegetable net bag is divided into knitted net bags, circular woven net bags and so on.
Color blue, red, green, yellow and other colors, if you can not find the color you want, please call us, we help you to customize the color you want.
Can use a variety of vegetables, such as garlic, onions, potatoes and other vegetables.
  • Net Bags for Vegetables

    Net Bags for Vegetables

    Net bag for vegetables affordable, strong and strong specifications, flat silk can protect the fruits and vegetables transport injury-free, high security, and the equipment of vegetables, fruits are not perishable...Read More
  • Vegetable Mesh

    Vegetable Mesh

    Vegetable mesh work fine, high density of the mesh, bright colors bright, strong and solid, safe non-toxic, can be recycled. Applicable to all kinds of vegetables, fruits, seafood, and corn,...Read More
  • Onion Net Bags

    Onion Net Bags

    Onion net bags are considered to be the toughest packaging bags, recyclable, durable, good extensibility, affordable. light, soft, smooth, tough and not easy for deformation,...Read More
  • Polypropylene Mesh Bags

    Polypropylene Mesh Bags

    Polypropylene mesh bags light weight, cost savings, intuitive, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly...Read More
  • Potato Mesh Bags

    Potato Mesh Bags

    Potato mesh bags produced by polypropylene environmental protection, various sizes are availabled, easily clean.Top over-lock stitches, single folded stitched bottom,...Read More
  • Garlic Mesh Bags

    Garlic Mesh Bags

    Garlic mesh bags 100% new PP material, beautiful generous, reusable, mesh bag water-resistant and tear-resistant, have enough UV stabilizers in it,...Read More
  • Leno Mesh Bags

    Leno Mesh Bags

    Leno mesh bags reinforced margin edges eliminate yarn displacement, strong, durable lockstitch technology that resist tearing, fraying and stretching...Read More
  • Vegetable Sacks Net Bags

    Vegetable Sacks Net Bags

    Vegetable sacks net bags Light fast, high temperature, light non-toxic. Seam at the end of thick lines, the preparation of uniform density, improve the net bag bearing capacity,...Read More
  • Vegetables Mesh Bags

    Vegetables Mesh Bags

    Vegetables mesh bags compact density, to increase the pressure and sealing of the woven bag; pin are dense, strong and durable, especially at the stitch, breathable,...Read More
We're professional vegetable net bag manufacturers and suppliers, mainly engaged in wholesale service. Welcome to buy high quality vegetable net bag for sale from our factory.