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Shade Netting

The Company greenhouse film professional for agricultural production and construction of plastic film, the light transmittance, heat preservation, anti-aging and anti-aging properties are superior to ordinary agricultural film.
We will conduct a rigorous inspection before delivery, if you have any intention, please call me!
  • 80 Shade Netting

    80 Shade Netting

    80 shade netting cover can effectively reduce the transpiration of plants, is conducive to maintaining the indoor humidity, thereby reducing the number of irrigation. The UV, stabilizer and anti-oxidation treatment, with strong tensile strength, anti-aging....Read More
  • 90 Shade Fabric

    90 Shade Fabric

    Product Description : 90 shade fabric of high mechanical strength, can effectively alleviate the rainstorm erosion of the damage caused by flowers and trees to prevent soil compaction and rain after the seedlings, pressure seedlings. Protect flowers, trees against frost, wide...Read More
  • Shade Cloth Fabric

    Shade Cloth Fabric

    Shade cloth fabric in the summer shade also accompanied by cooling function, p rovide shade against sunlight and control temperature With tensile strength, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, light and so on. Parameter Packaging & Delivery...Read More
  • Black Shade Netting

    Black Shade Netting

    Black shade netting to prevent strong sunlight. Shade net according to the different shading rate, can even block 30% to 95% of the sun to prevent high temperature heat damage. Good finish, a bright sense of color, deep black light, rather than floating table light...Read More
  • 70 Shade Cloth

    70 Shade Cloth

    70 shade cloth material light, low cost, made of lightweight materials, anti-aging good, easy folding. After the summer cover to play a light block, rain, moisturizing, cooling effect. Winter and spring after the cover there is a certain role in thermal insulation....Read More
  • 50 Shade Fabric

    50 Shade Fabric

    50 shade fabric to reduce moisture evaporation, durable and strong, no harm to human or environment. Mesh flat, smooth, flat wire and gap parallel, neat, uniform, latitude and longitude clear and bright. restrict ultraviolet ray action on plants. Parameter...Read More
  • 30 Shade Fabric

    30 Shade Fabric

    30 shade fabric flexible moderate, flexible, no stiff feeling, there is a flat space thick texture. For the flowers, fruits and vegetables crops shade, does not affect the case of photosynthesis shade, more suitable for summer winter greenhouse shade insulation....Read More
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