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  • Nursery Seeding Trays

    Nursery Seeding Trays

    The company produces a variety of nursery plug tray,there are 14 holes, 15 holes, 18 holes, 21 holes, 24 holes, 28 holes, 32 holes 50 holes, 72 holes, 98 holes, 105 holes and so on. Plug tray to PP material production; hole shape mainly square and round; the color is mainly black and transparent color. Strict quality control system, on
  • Grafting Clips

    Grafting Clips

    Can be fast and efficient sling and plant fixed together, and not to hurt the plant. To PP material production,no pollution to the plant no virus. Mainly used is used in agriculture or forestry.for vegetables, melon facilities and fast and efficient plants.
  • Greenhouse Films

    Greenhouse Films

    We have white transparent film, light blue drip film, black plastic film. Made of PE material; different sizes, customizable. Can effectively block the UV, while improving soil temperature, enhance plant root absorption capacity.
  • Vegetable Net Bag

    Vegetable Net Bag

    Our vegetable net bag is divided into knitted net bags, circular woven net bags and so on. Color blue, red, green, yellow and other colors, if you can not find the color you want, please call us, we help you to customize the color you want. Can use a variety of vegetables, such as garlic, onions, potatoes and other vegetables.
  • Electric Sprayer

    Electric Sprayer

    Our electric sprayer is made of high quality polypropylene material, tasteless, low density, high strength, heat resistance Spray nebulizer capacity of 150L, the power of F170, pump flow of 20L / min, spray evenly, so that plants are not harmed.
  • Hot Air Furnace

    Hot Air Furnace

    Hot stove is divided into fuel hot stove, coal stove, gas hot stove With coal, natural gas, light oil as fuel, high thermal efficiency, easy operation, heating pollution-free.
  • Draught Fan

    Draught Fan

    Fan is divided into heavy hammer fan and negative pressure fan. The use of advanced centrifugal structure, the use of high-quality thick galvanized sheet, corrosion resistance, light weight, low noise. If interested, please call us.
  • Garlic Planter

    Garlic Planter

    Garlic planter. The sowing lines are 4 rows, 9 rows and 11 rows. The planting depth can be adjusted. You can adjust the suitable depth according to the crops and reduce the manual labor. Garlic separator can quickly separate garlic, fast, low cost, can be applied to different garlic varieties and sizes.
  • Shade Netting

    Shade Netting

    The Company greenhouse film professional for agricultural production and construction of plastic film, the light transmittance, heat preservation, anti-aging and anti-aging properties are superior to ordinary agricultural film. We will conduct a rigorous inspection before delivery, if you have any intention, please call me!
  • Pressure Compensated Dripper

    Pressure Compensated Dripper

    Pressure compensated drip fixed at the end of the PE pipe, to maintain a constant flow, water stability. In the terrain complex, uneven, dry place most effective, can be automatically cleaned.
  • Drip Valve

    Drip Valve

    Dropper valves provide the plant with the right amount of moisture to promote normal plant growth. Made of high-strength PE material, it is healthy and non-toxic; easy to install and disassemble, more safe and reliable than the traditional electric differential pressure control valve.
  • Drip Irrigation Belt

    Drip Irrigation Belt

    We have SMD drip tape, Labyrinth drip tape. At the same time, we also have soft tee, soft elbow, soft band, soft plug, drip irrigation valve for soft belt. With lower costs, light weight, small size, easy transportation and so on.
  • Micro Spray Heads

    Micro Spray Heads

    The company micro-nozzle using new engineering materials, 360-degree all-round spray, water distribution, can be used for upside down, anti-drip; apply to fruit trees, shrubs, narrow lawn and other crops irrigation, greenhouse irrigation and greenhouse crops. For the need to atomize the effect of the place, is the most suitable choice.
  • Drip Irrigation Accessories

    Drip Irrigation Accessories

    Drip irrigation fittings can be connected with the PE pipe, with good sealing performance. Made of PE material, non-toxic, impact resistance, non-fouling, non-clogging; used for watering crops and vegetable farms or gardens, but also for greenhouses.