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Pressure Compensated Dripper

Pressure compensated drip fixed at the end of the PE pipe, to maintain a constant flow, water stability.
In the terrain complex, uneven, dry place most effective, can be automatically cleaned.
  • Pressure Compensating Emitters

    Pressure Compensating Emitters

    Description:Pressure compensating emitters pressure fluctuation to maintain constant current, irrigation evenly, with a higher water production effect, suitable for a variety of terrain and crops, especially in...Read More
  • Drip Irrigation Drippers

    Drip Irrigation Drippers

    Drip irrigation drippers pressure in the range of 0.05-0.35MPa change, the water flow remained unchanged, irrigation uniformity of up to 98%; shunt two-way anti-blocking design, can ensure that the equipment in the long-term stable...Read More
  • Pressure Compensating Drippers

    Pressure Compensating Drippers

    Overview Product Description : Pressure compensating drippers is the most effective way to save water in dry and dry areas. The utilization rate of water is 95%. To overcome the traditional pressure compensated drip start flow, high pressure is not water defects. Has a...Read More
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