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Nursery Seeding Trays

The company produces a variety of nursery plug tray,there are 14 holes, 15 holes, 18 holes, 21 holes, 24 holes, 28 holes, 32 holes 50 holes, 72 holes, 98 holes, 105 holes and so on.
Plug tray to PP material production; hole shape mainly square and round; the color is mainly black and transparent color.
Strict quality control system, on time delivery.
  • Seed Starting Trays Flats

    Seed Starting Trays Flats

    Seed starting trays flats with the bending, the texture is relatively soft, resistant to the backlog, anti-fall, cost economy, wide range of uses, mainly used in bulk production and transport nursery use of the nutrition bowl,...Read More
  • 40 Cell Seed Tray Inserts

    40 Cell Seed Tray Inserts

    1. Our seedling tray, different from the traditional method, the seed germination rate can be guaranteed 100%. 2. Seedling trays protect seedlings and their roots from damage caused by growers and are more convenient during transplantation. 3. The seedlings growing in the...Read More
  • 40 Cell Seed Trays

    40 Cell Seed Trays

    1. Emergence and tidy, maintaining the consistency of the growth of plant seedlings rate. 2. It's Eco-friendly and Recyclable and Resuse 3. Ideal cell size to maintain ideal temperature and optimal root growth, plant development and seed germination. 4. Usage: cultivation...Read More
  • 18 Cell Seed Starting Trays

    18 Cell Seed Starting Trays

    18 cell seed starting trays it made from high quality PS material in a thickness that resists wear, while remaining economical,flexible and durable.The success rate for indirect seeding is higher than direct...Read More
  • 15 Cell Seed Trays

    15 Cell Seed Trays

    Overview Product Description 15 cell seed trays can store a lot of nutrients to meet the growth of seedlings early planting demand, not seasonal.and the color is black that can protect the plant from sunlight.Stanking nothes...Read More
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