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Nursery Seeding Trays

The company produces a variety of nursery plug tray,there are 14 holes, 15 holes, 18 holes, 21 holes, 24 holes, 28 holes, 32 holes 50 holes, 72 holes, 98 holes, 105 holes and so on.
Plug tray to PP material production; hole shape mainly square and round; the color is mainly black and transparent color.
Strict quality control system, on time delivery.
  • 36 Cell Plug Tray

    36 Cell Plug Tray

    36 cell plug tray use industrial and professionally breeding ways, it is conducive to the promotion of improved varieties, reducing of the spreading of fake seeds. can be decomposed completely in the soil and never pollute the environment, Also it benefits the standardized...Read More
  • Seedling Tray

    Seedling Tray

    Seedling tray using industrialized specialized production methods of nursery, mechanized precision seeding, seedling age than conventional seedlings shortened 10-20 days, labor efficiency increased by 5-7 times;...Read More
  • Plant Trays

    Plant Trays

    Plant trays is a kind of cultivated seedling plastic products, is a modern horticulture to make a fundamental change, has become a factory seed production process in an important appliance. Can be used with...Read More
  • 54 Cell Seed Trays

    54 Cell Seed Trays

    54 cell seed trays substrate seedling, is in a certain size of the special sub-grid plug plate,Light weight flexible plastic for easy de-potting of seedlings,artificial regulation of temperature, humidity and light, adequate supply of water and nutrients, cultivate vigorous...Read More
  • 36 Cell Seed Trays

    36 Cell Seed Trays

    1. Seedling trays use industrial and professionally breeding ways, it is conducive to the promotion of improved varieties, reducing of the spreading of fake seeds. 2. Also it benefits the standardized scientific management and the improvement of quality seedlings. 3....Read More
  • Propagation Seed Trays

    Propagation Seed Trays

    1.The success rate for indirect seeding is higher than direct seeding, and will therefore yield a greater crop. 2.Growing media tapers in shape from top to bottom, aids in directing root growth downward. 3.The four corners of the peripheral type, mention convenient not to...Read More
  • Seed Starting Flats

    Seed Starting Flats

    Seed starting flats suitable for home planting and batch planting sprouts, can also be when the meat plant cultivation tray...Read More
  • Seed Flats

    Seed Flats

    Seed flats raw materials are polypropylene or polyethylene will not produce white pollution on the soil, plug the mouth design of the mouth, ...Read More
  • Vseed Growing Flats

    Vseed Growing Flats

    Seed growing flats for centralized management, for the fast and mass production provided a guarantee. For the direction of the stack can also be empty, there is interval, will not stick and press the next plate of the seeds...Read More
  • Plant Flats

    Plant Flats

    Plant flats environmentally friendly non-toxic, breathable and good drainage, PH value is stable, the bottom of the use of a number of ribs design, increase the body by the heavy capacity to reduce the loss of the plate,...Read More
  • Growing Flats

    Growing Flats

    Growing flats is made of PP, PS material, adding anti-aging ingredients, has a strong stability, excellent early maturing varieties of the general price is higher, the seedling seedling seedling seed less than one-third of the field live...Read More
  • Seedling Flat Tray

    Seedling Flat Tray

    Rectangular seedling flat tray, 590x240mm, commonly used in seedling production and turnover use, the bottom of the screen design is more conducive to plant water and growth, widely used in the field of nursery...Read More
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