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Nursery Seeding Trays

The company produces a variety of nursery plug tray,there are 14 holes, 15 holes, 18 holes, 21 holes, 24 holes, 28 holes, 32 holes 50 holes, 72 holes, 98 holes, 105 holes and so on.
Plug tray to PP material production; hole shape mainly square and round; the color is mainly black and transparent color.
Strict quality control system, on time delivery.
  • Herb Plant Plugs

    Herb Plant Plugs

    Our herb plant plugs are stronger, more durable, and less prone to cracking than your traditional tray.No fertilizer water is required during seedling.These trays are perfect for seed starting, wheatgrass, micro-greens, and many other things.Read More
  • Seed Plug Trays

    Seed Plug Trays

    Seed plug trays PS material by the professional not easy to deformation at high temperatures.The seed plug trays are perfect for seed starting, wheatgrass, micro-greens, and many other things,also it benefits the standardized scientific management and the improvement of...Read More
  • 100 Cell Seedling Tray

    100 Cell Seedling Tray

    Flexible, durable 100 cell seedling tray, can Effortlessly remove seedlings from tray. the drainage holes allow for roots to continue to grow through the bottom of the cell tray,improves the quality of the plants,these are meant to be reused over and over ,season after...Read More
  • Plastic Seed Starter Trays

    Plastic Seed Starter Trays

    1.Made of polystyrene, environmentally friendly and recyclable 2.Perforated between packages for easy separation and cleaning of edges for ease of handling. 3.The compact design allows you to install more greenhouse plants. 4.If our seed tray does not meet your needs, we...Read More
  • Seedling Starter Trays

    Seedling Starter Trays

    Each seedling starter trays has quite a bit of room for the seedlings for good root development before transplanting to garden or bigger pots. Each cell is singulated, thus no tangling of the fibrous root systems, eliminating plant shock at transplant...Read More
  • Vegetable Plant Plugs

    Vegetable Plant Plugs

    Vegetable plant plugs are significantly faster than the soil seedling germination, made by the PS new material injection, at high temperature is not easy to deformation; can make the side root shape rough and short,...Read More
  • 70 Cell Seed Trays

    70 Cell Seed Trays

    Maintaining optimal growing conditions is essential for successful seed germination.70 cell seed trays can help but careful and managed watering is also required.the four corners of the peripheral type, mention convenient not to hurt the root seedling,With good porosity and...Read More
  • Seedling Trays

    Seedling Trays

    Seedling Trays are mainly square and round, and the shape of the hole is four-way trapezoidal, which is beneficial to guide the root to extend downward. The moisture distribution is more uniform and the root system of the seedling is more fully developed. ..Read More
  • Greenhouse Seed Trays

    Greenhouse Seed Trays

    1. Muping a variety of specifications for your choice, the application more widely. 2. Uniform distribution of the bottom round hole, fine workmanship, bottom hole tidy. 3. Has a unique beam design to enhance the strength. 4. Save seeds, improve seedling rate, good...Read More
  • Geranium Plugs

    Geranium Plugs

    Plug seed matrix seedling seed less than one-third of the field live, saving a lot of seeds, reducing the use of species costs, seedling survival rate of 98% or more, nursery cycle shortened by half...Read More
  • Seedling Plastic Trays

    Seedling Plastic Trays

    1.Can effectively prevent weeds on the ground, keep the floor clean. 2.Unique shape promotes root growth 3.Water permeability, can maintain soil moisture, temperature, keep fertilizer and moisture ...Read More
  • Plug Cell Trays

    Plug Cell Trays

    Plug cell trays significantly faster than the soil seedling germination, there is no traditional nursery seedling period, suitable for large-scale cultivation, breeding quality is good, not susceptible to disease, root developed...Read More
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