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Vegetable Net Bag Seasons To Use Matters Needing Attention
Jan 18, 2018

1. more spring rain, and the wind and sand relatively large, relatively humid. Therefore, vegetable bags should pay attention to rain and moisture, pay attention to sand, sand not only affects the net bag cleaning will reduce the freshness of vegetables.

2. the summer is hot and dry, and the sun is hot, so do not put the vegetable net bag in the sun exposure, rainy days do not let the bag wet, if the wet bag re-dried, then use Life expectancy will be greatly reduced.

3. autumn is also an excessive season, to prevent the contact surface of the mesh bag of water is too large, resulting in mildew or frost damage.

4. winter is a cold season, the cold weather on the vegetable net bag tensile capacity and anti hang capacity have a very serious impact, so be extra careful.