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Use Of Electric Sprayer
Oct 31, 2017

First, the production of agricultural use of electric sprayer, can also be hand pressure sprayer modified electric sprayer (in the hand pressure sprayer directly installed micro-pump, matched with a battery or portable lamp can be).
Second, the solution of vehicles, ships, yachts, boats and so on in the use of the diet, wash Su, bath, toilet, rinse with water.
Third, to achieve the transfer of fluid food, distribution, filling and so on.
Four, family water supply. For example, water-saving bathroom, water-saving toilet, electric toilet, plumbing system.
Five, solar energy industry.
Six, water purification industry. For example, purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking fountains, water machines and so on. For the towel machine, drinking fountains, Coke machine, juice machine, dishwasher, disinfection machine, solar bonsai, automotive glass washing and other production enterprises supporting.