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There Are Several Points In The Following
Aug 30, 2017

1, the choice of plug plate

The size of the plug, color, hole depth, shape and other factors will affect the growth and development of plants. The size of the plug will affect the plant's perception of the humidity, nutrients and oxygen of the soil. The depth of the hole will affect the air content. The shape of the hole will have an effect on the extension of the plant root. The color of the plug will affect the heat Absorption.

2, matrix selection and filling

Select the substrate should be considered from the following aspects: its drainage capacity and air capacity; stable vascular bundle structure; easy to wet; good porosity and uniform void distribution; appropriate ph value; very low salt levels, EC To less than 0.7 (1: 2 dilution) and so on.

3, drilling and planting

Punch and sowing should pay attention to the following points: to ensure that the depth of perforation and planting the same; the larger the seed, the depth of its seed will be deeper, and vice versa.

4, the choice of cover

Select the cover should consider the following points: can improve the soil around the soil moisture, whether it has a good permeability, can give the seeds enough oxygen content. It is recommended to use large particles of vermiculite as a cover. The perlite cover is easy to breed moss.