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The Top-heavy Solution Caused By The Overly Long Parts Of The Ground
Mar 28, 2018

1. Decrease the daily average temperature or use a negative DIF: In the temperature range of 10°C to 26°C, lower the average daily temperature to control the seedling growth rate. However, it should be noted that the root growth rate also slows down as the average daily temperature decreases. The internode length of most crops is mainly determined by the temperature difference between day and night. Negative DIF can promote root growth while controlling the growth of the internodes.

2. Control of moisture: After the majority of flower seedlings grow to the second stage (cotyledon growth), ensure that the medium has a dry process between each watering to promote the full growth of the root system.

3. Choose the right fertilizer: Use fertilizers that contain more nitrate-nitrogen and calcium. High-nitrate nitrogen can prevent the plants from becoming leggy, and can also ensure the nitrogen requirement of the plants. The calcium can maintain the thickness of the cell wall and ensure that the cells are normal. Split and stretch. It should be noted that the high nitrate nitrogen and high calcium fertilizers are mostly alkaline, and the pH of the medium should be adjusted in time after use.

4. Increase light intensity: Increasing light intensity in a certain range will enhance the photosynthesis of the plant, thereby providing more carbohydrates for root growth. Studies have shown that when the light intensity is 16200 to 33000 lux, the roots can share carbohydrates with the leaves to meet the needs of growth. In winter and early spring production, it is generally difficult to meet the demand for light intensity, which is based on natural conditions. Therefore, light should be filled conditionally.

5. The use of chemical growth regulators: production practices have shown that after the use of growth regulators such as B-9, Bonzi, and Sumagic for plug seedlings of some flower species, the growth of the aerial parts is effectively controlled and root growth is also obtained. It is beneficial to promote.