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The Fruit And Seedling Substrate Provides Good Congenital Conditions For The Crop
Aug 30, 2017

Fruit seedling seedling is mainly cultivated crop seedlings, in the fruit and seedling period to provide adequate nutrients and high quality growth environment, improve the survival rate for the fruit crops in the future growth to create a good congenital conditions!

1. Fruit and seedling substrate has a reliable quality assurance, high stability, high organic matter content, high humic acid content, nutrient suitable to ensure that seedlings in the only water under the conditions of healthy growth of 40-60 days, to ensure a seedling rate Reaching more than 95%.

2. Pei Lei matrix solid material containing 65%, 25% of the pores and 50% of the water holding pores, the size of the pore ratio between 1: 2-4, Ec value between 1-3, PH value of 5.5 -7.0, is one of the current advanced scientific formula.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables

3. Fruit seedling seedling nutrition formula is reasonable, cultivated Miao Zhuang strong, root system developed, stout sturdy, not long, good differentiation of flower buds, and can be listed early.

4. Fruit seedlings seedling emergence of neat, high emergence rate, emergence time is shortened, a seedling. Improve the quality of seedlings, seedlings do not hurt the root, transplanted after fast seedling fast, plant growth and development, high survival rate.

5. Seedling-free seedling seedling cultivation, is conducive to the prevention and control of pests and diseases, can effectively avoid or reduce the impact of natural disasters.

6. In the saline soil using Pei Lei seedling seedlings, can overcome the legislation is difficult, seedlings grow slow and so on.

7. To shorten the growth period of fruits and vegetables in the field of planting, improve land use and increase the harvest period, increase the yield per unit area.

8. Fruit seedling early flowering, early maturity, increase early production, early entry into the market, improve economic efficiency.

9. Save the use of species, shorten the seedling, focus on nursery, the amount of nursery per unit area, improve labor efficiency, thus greatly saving the breeding costs.

10. Fruit seedlings Seedling seedlings small size, light weight, easy to transport, there is the use of improved fruit production efficiency.