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The Choice Of Nursery Plugs
Oct 17, 2017

The smaller the nursery plugs, the more sensitive the soil moisture, nutrient, oxygen, PH value and EC value are.

The deeper the hole hole, the more air in the matrix, which is beneficial to air permeability, salt and air permeability, which is beneficial to root growth.

The substrate must have at least 5mm depth to have the effect of gravity, so that the water in the matrix is seeped out, the deeper the air goes into the hole, the more oxygen there is.

The shape of the hole hole is suitable for the quadrilateral trapezoid, which is helpful for guiding the root system to extend downward, rather than the inner wall of a circular or lateral vertical hole.

Deeper hole holes provide better conditions for drainage and ventilation of the matrix.

Some of the holes also have ventilation holes between the holes, so that the air can flow between the plants.

Make the blade dry, reduce the disease, dry and uniform, ensure the entire plant grows even.