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Technical Specification For Grafting Seedling Of Watermelon In Spring
Aug 30, 2017

Frist, plug the rootstock selection of 50 holes plug, scion selection 288 holes, 128 holes or plastic seedling plate, broken root grafted grafted in 50 holes inserted in the disk.

 Second, the matrix substrate selection Shenxian Yi Nong nursery base Limited production of "Xin Park" brand nursery substrate. Its peat, vermiculite, perlite, the ratio of 3: 1: 1, matrix ratio in accordance with the volume ratio preparation. Each cubic meter of substrate by adding 100g carbendazim or 200g chlorothalonil, stir well for matrix sterilization.

Third, the rootstock selection Rootstock mainly to gourd and pumpkin is more commonly used. Commonly used gourd varieties are Beijing Xin anvil on the 1st, just one, south anvil on the 1st, strong just two.

Fourth, the seed treatment and sowing method should be seeded before seed germination and soaking germination, the method is: 40% formalin 100 times solution soaking 30 - 60min, or 500 - 600 times 50% carbendazim Solution soaking 60min, after disinfection of the seeds rinse with water and continue to soak in the water. Can also be soaked with warm water, rootstock seeds and watermelon seeds can be used 55 ~ 60 ℃ warm water soaking, soaking process must continue to stir, and then in the 25 - 30 ℃ water temperature soaking, rootstock 12 ~ 24h seed removed after the seeds Seed coat mucus, rinse with water 2 - 3 times, you can use a damp cloth wrap, in the 28 - 30 ℃ conditions germination. When the seeds on the embryo stretched out about 3min when sowed in 50 holes in the disk, during the day to keep room temperature 28 - 30 ℃, night 18 - 20 ℃ is appropriate, the substrate temperature to maintain about 21 ℃. 70% of the seeds when the arch, reduce the temperature during the day 20 - 25 ℃, 15 ℃ at night, the substrate temperature maintained at about 17 ℃. During this period, the temperature is too high and easy to cause the seedlings leggy, too low cotyledons drooping, decaying roots or catamenia, pay special attention to cloudy day temperature management do not appear day and night high inverse temperature difference. Spike in the rootstock to the first piece of real leaves when the soak soaking, 6 - 8h after germination, when the buds 2mm when sown in 288 holes, 128 holes or plastic plate nursery plate. After sowing daytime to keep room temperature 28 - 30 ℃, night 15--18 ℃, the substrate temperature to maintain about 21 ℃, when the first piece of the first piece of true leaf flattened, spike leaves usually flattened.

5, grafting method and field management grafting method is cut off the rootstock under 6cm or so, remove the rootstock of the true leaves and growth points, the choice of diameter 3mm thick bamboo sticks, one end of the tip of the growth of 1cm semi-conical, its tip 5mm diameter and watermelon seedling embryo axis diameter of about 2.5mm, scion in the cotyledus 1cm at the diagonal knife, grafted bamboo leaves from the rootstock at the oblique inserted 5mm deep, and the rootstock hypocotyl A slight crack, and then cut the scissors into the plug, tighten. After grafting, the grafted seedlings were inserted into the plug of water, and the depth was about 3cm. After the grafting, the air temperature was kept at 28-30 ℃, the substrate temperature was kept at 21-25 ℃, grafted on the grafted film. Humidity adjustment to more than 95%. After about 3,4d, began to reduce the shading time, and gradually increase the ventilation. After 1 week the temperature and light management returned to normal, the substrate temperature maintained at 17 - 21 ℃. After the temperature management with the grafted seedlings grow up day by day, the temperature gradually decreased, when the watermelon seedling to 2 leaves a heart temperature at 15 - 16 ℃, which is conducive to female flower differentiation. Seedling water management should make the seedling substrate to maintain the maximum water holding capacity of 75% - 80%, too little moisture will lead to the formation of male flowers, resulting in flowers topping, seedling in principle, temperature control without water. Before planting low temperature exercise, during the day 22--24 ℃, night 13 - 15 ℃ is appropriate. P2O5: 200--450mg / kg; K2O: 570--800mg / kg: Ca: 50--80mg / kg, the nutrient solution concentration is N: 150--400mg / kg, Kg; Mg: 20 to 25 mg / kg.