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Summer Vegetable Seedling Technology
Aug 30, 2017

Summer nursery vegetables are cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, celery, cabbage, lettuce, and autumn greenhouse and greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and so on. In the summer high temperature period, poor growth of vegetables live, but also susceptible to pests and diseases, to carry out nursery cultivation must be done:

1. Choose the land. After the election of the land should be fully fertile farm fertilizer for the base fertilizer, parallel shallow farming. Nursery to high dry formation, soil permeability and water retention is good, and can irrigation row. Bogey in the continuous cropping or stubble on the same crop of vegetables in the land nursery, so as to avoid soil damage hazards, and avoid the serious pests of underground pests.

2. Anti-high temperature hazards. High temperature lettuce, celery germination difficult, the seeds can be soaked 8 hours after the wet gauze wrapped in the wells or cold place germination. You can also sprinkle some trash wheat straw or straw on the seedbed; or cover the seedbed with cold or shade nets, or cover the old film, non-woven, bamboo, reed, etc .; Raising seedlings under high creatures.

3. Antivirus hazards. High temperature of the vegetable virus disease serious, should take measures; with nylon net yarn anti-aphid; with silver-gray film to avoid aphids; timely anti-aphid and so on.

4. Anti-rain hazards. Summer rain makes the soil compaction, is not conducive to seed germination unearthed. Should take the following measures: the choice of high-dry construction of seedbed ;; seeding, such as rainstorm caused the seeds did not unearthed, the rain after the shallow bed in the bed, to prevent soil surface knot.

5. Anti-drought hazards. The following measures should be taken: in the seedbed in the seedbed after planting water, or full irrigation and then land preparation, soil moisture sowing; sowing after casing repression; plastic film cover (immediately removed after emergence); the first hole after sowing, Two points, will be dug from the wet soil as the first hole of the casing.

6. Anti-seedling leggy. High temperature season nursery, easy leggy, to take the following measures to prevent: sooner or later with a spray watering, timely seedling or seedlings; seedling nutrition area should be larger; cucumber, tomato can be sprayed with ethylene to control the seedlings leggy.