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Precautions When Sowing Seeds Tray
Dec 29, 2017

1. Substrate: The planting substrate used in nursery tray should be non-toxic and non-toxic, breathable and well drained, PH value is stable, can not be fertilized in the matrix, should only retain the matrix of the original carrying nutrients.

2. Water quality fertilizer: watering application watering to avoid pouring fertilizer or sewage, and only after the leaves grow really leaves, before pouring a small concentration of fertilizer, but still root out of fertilizer is better, spraying 0.1-0.2 % Of urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be achieved seedlings nutrition.

3. Seeding: small seeds in the sowing is generally not covered or mixed with soil, the larger the thickness of the casing to the seed size of about 2 times is appropriate. After sowing light as long as moisturizing, unpleasant light need to cover the trays covered with a layer of newspapers, in order to achieve the effect of shading. After sowing to use immersion plate method or spray wet method Wet plug the substrate within the hole, before emergence if the matrix appears dry should be timely wet spray Penetration. To ensure that the seeds have sufficient water supply, to avoid seedlings dead seedlings.

4. Temperature: different seeds have different germination temperature, but under normal circumstances 20-25 ℃ for most of the seeds like the temperature, after the seedlings Qi, the temperature should be slightly down, so as to avoid seedling cataplexy Disease occurs, the temperature is too high prone to leggy phenomenon, easy to lodging seedlings, resulting in nursery failure.