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Precautions For Water Quality Of Plug Seedlings
Jul 06, 2018

PH, alkalinity and EC.

The pH of the process water should range from 5.0 to 6.5, as most nutrients and pesticides are effective in this range, and the effectiveness beyond this range is greatly reduced. The alkalinity of water represents its buffering capacity. If the alkalinity is too low, the pH of the matrix will fluctuate widely with the pH of the fertilizer. This may result in the lack or poisoning of certain trace elements. If the alkalinity is too high, it may easily lead to the lack of certain trace elements, such as iron and boron. The EC value, generally the irrigation water without fertilizer, has an EC value of less than 1.0 ms/cm, which is suitable for production. High concentrations of soluble salts reduce germination rates, damage roots and root hairs, and burn leaves. Do not allow the matrix in the tray to be too dry, as this will increase the salt concentration around the root system by a factor of 3-4.

Generally, for soft water with a very low calcium and magnesium content, the alkalinity is very low, and it is necessary to use an alkaline fertilizer containing calcium and magnesium, which can increase the buffering capacity. If the alkalinity is high, you do not need to use this type of fertilizer, and pay attention to the regulation with acid fertilizer.

Special attention should be paid to certain areas in the north. In the summer rainy season, the hardness, PH value and EC value of groundwater will be significantly higher than usual, which will easily reduce the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer and lead to the deficiency of trace elements such as iron deficiency. In particular, when using a broad-spectrum fungicide containing manganese such as mancozeb, it is necessary to pay attention to the occurrence and prevention of iron deficiency. Because iron is most likely to compete with manganese, when the substrate is wet and the temperature is below 15 ° C, the pH is above 6.5 and the iron will not be effectively absorbed by the roots.

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