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Points For Attention In Seed Plug Trays Sowing
Oct 26, 2017

1. matrix: the seeding substrate used for seedling tray should be non-toxic, worm free, ventilate and drain well, pH value is stable, fertilizer can not be applied in the matrix, and the nutrients which are carried by the substrate should be preserved only.

2.: the application of water quality fertilizer watering watering, avoid water or sewage water, only in the seedling grow leaves, before watering a small concentration of fertilizer, but by spraying manure, urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be sprayed 0.1-0.2% achieve seedling nutrients.

3. sowing: small seeds in the sowing is generally not covered with soil or mixed with soil sowing, the larger the thickness of soil covering 2 times the size of seeds is appropriate. As long as the moisture after sowing, as long as moisturizing, you do not like the need for light on the tray covered with a layer of text newspaper, in order to achieve the effect of shading. After soaking, the substrate should be soaked in soaking dish method or spray wet method. Before the emergence of seedlings, if the substrate appears dry, it should be sprayed wet and sprayed in time. In order to ensure the seeds have enough water supply, avoid seed dead seedlings.

4. temperature: different seeds with different germination temperature, but generally 20-25 degrees for the majority of seed love temperature in seedling of Qi, the temperature slightly reduced, which can avoid the seedling Damping off disease, prone to high temperature of seedling spindling, easy lodging, due to breeding failure.

5. light: when sowing, we should pay attention to the light and non light of seeds.