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Plug Seedling Common Problems And Countermeasures
May 08, 2018

1. Does not germinate: Excessive moisture; Water is scarce after germination; substrate PH and EC are not suitable.

2. Low germination rate: large matrix water holding capacity; too small matrix water holding capacity; too high and too low temperature; inadequate matrix pH and EC.

3. Low rate of seedling formation: diseases, insect pests, phytotoxicity, and fertilizer damage; excessive or insufficient moisture.

4. Stale or young seedlings: low temperature; frequent water shortages;

5. Early flowers: lack of fertilizer; lack of water; seedling age is too long.

6. Actress: excessive nitrogen fertilizer; squeeze seedlings; lack of light; excessive water.

7. Death of the top buds: Insect pests such as thrips; boron deficiency.

8. Abnormal leaf color: light nitrogen-deficient leaves; potassium deficiency in the lower leaves yellow, dead leaves tip, the lower leaves fall off; iron deficiency new leaves yellow; PH is not suitable for leaf yellowing.