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Nursery Substrate Placement And Use Of Selection Methods
Aug 30, 2017

Nursery substrate quality coconut chaff as the main raw material, add the right amount of nutrition, moisture retention agent, curing agent, the scientific formula, through the formation of special high pressure seedlings. Suitable for the cultivation of various seedling crops. Breeding of the substrate to improve the growth of modern agricultural crops and the speed of production. So more customers more and more o choose nursery substrate instead of nursery soil not.

Nursery substrate characteristics:

1, the seedling base of the province of labor and effort, compared with the traditional nursery, nursery matrix block using integrated technology, a matrix block set of materials, nutrition, sterilization, disease resistance, a container of the five functions, Soil, composting, spraying, potting, only need to water, direct cutting or grafting seedlings can complete the nursery operation, per acre can save 4 - 6 man - made;

2, seedling seed with a block transplanting, not seedling seedlings and block directly transplanted, do not hurt the root, no slow seedling, transplant survival rate reached 100%. Seedling robust, root system developed, stem and leaf thickness, drought resistance;

3, nursery substrate fertility, improved soil seedling matrix block is rich in natural organic matter, tightness, nutrition coordination, a variety of trace elements balance is complete, with good water and fertilizer, promote seedling growth, continuous use can Fertilize soil fertility, improve soil structure, prevent soil compaction and salinization.

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