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How To Choose Seedling Substrate
Aug 30, 2017

Whether it is the production of vegetables or flowers and nursery stock, seedling matrix are the key factors in the production of high quality products. The function of the seedling substrate should be similar to that of the soil, so that the plant can better adapt to the environment and grow rapidly. In the selection of seedling substrate, should comply with the following criteria:

1, from the ecological point of view. Requires the seedling substrate is basically no live bacteria, eggs, no or as little as possible containing harmful substances, to prevent its seedlings into the growth field after the pollution of the environment and food chain. In order to meet this standard, nursery substrate should be fermented by Jin Baoji fermentation, to achieve the purpose of sterilization, removal of eggs.

2, nursery substrate should have similar functions with the soil. From the nutritional conditions and growth environment, the substrate is more conducive to plant growth than the soil. But it still needs to have other functions of the soil, such as conducive to root winding (in order to take the lump) and better water retention.

3, nursery substrate to prepare organic, inorganic composite matrix as well. In the preparation of seedling substrate, should pay attention to the organic matrix and inorganic matrix science rational allocation, better regulation of nursery substrate ventilation, moisture and nutritional status.

4, choose to use the local resource-rich, low-cost light matrix. In the application of plug seedling technology, how to choose seedling substrate is related to the cost of nursery and nursery quality of the primary problem. Under normal circumstances, should be fully excavated and the use of local suitable for plug seedlings of light matrix resources, reduce the cost of seedling substrate, thereby reducing the sales price of plug seedlings. According to the actual situation around the selection of carbonized rice husk, cottonseed hull, sawdust, vermiculite, perlite and other low-cost matrix for the plug plate seedling.