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How Does The Nursery Substrate Maintain Moisture?
Aug 30, 2017

The effect of smaller vermiculite particles is to increase the water retention of the seedling substrate rather than porosity. To increase the drainage and permeability of the peat seedling substrate, choose to add perlite instead of vermiculite. On the contrary, if you want to increase the water holding capacity, you can add a certain amount of small particles of vermiculite. Note the following:

1, nursery matrix in the filling before the full wetting, generally 60% is appropriate, hand holding a farmer nursery medium, no water extrusion, loose hand will become a group, but gently touch, nursery matrix will spread. If too dry, the future watering, nursery soil will collapse, resulting in poor ventilation, poor root development.

2, the hole filling degree should be uniform, or nursery nutrition base quality less hole hole drying faster, so that the water management is not balanced;

3, planting melon and other large seeds of the hole hole seedling matrix can not be too full;

4, to avoid squeezing seedling substrate, otherwise it will affect the seedling substrate permeability and drying speed, and because the nursery substrate pressure too tight, the seeds will rebound, resulting in the final germination of seeds when the depth of different.