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Electric Sprayer Use And Maintenance
Dec 22, 2017

1, the use of the spray should be checked whether the joints leak, first filled with water test spray and then install the agent spray.

2. After adding liquid, the liquid level can not exceed the safety water line. Before spraying the first board rocker lever more than 10 times, so that the barometric pressure rose to work pressure. Note board rocking lever can not be too hard to avoid gas chamber explosion.

3. Spray operation is completed, should be promptly poured out of the barrel of residual liquid, and then washed with water to dry upside down; the same time check whether there is water in the gas chamber, if there is stagnant water, remove the water connector to release water.

4 short-term no longer used, the main components should be cleaned, wipe installed, placed in a cool dry place; if not for a long time, pay attention to the various metal parts coated with butter to prevent rust.