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Effects Of Nutrition On Seedlings And Seedlings Of Ground Cover Plants
Aug 30, 2017

Nutrition includes mineral nutrition and carbon nutrition, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other carbon nutrients obtained from carbon dioxide and water, mineral nutrition needs from the soil or artificial supply.

Mineral nutrition

Seeds germinated to rely on their own nutrients, but its use of trace elements to promote the role of germination.

In a certain concentration, the higher the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents in bed soil, the more can promote the growth and flower bud differentiation of flower seedlings, and can reduce the position of flower buds and improve the overall quality of flower seedlings. Practice has proved that the bed of fertile seedlings grow well, poor fertility development delay, one of the reasons is bed soil mineral deficiencies.

Carbon Nutrition

The carbonaceous nutrients needed for the growth of the seedlings are mainly controlled by the area of photosynthetic area on the ground. The photosynthetic area is large and the light is in good condition. The space occupied by each plant is large, and the available carbon dioxide is relatively large. In the protection of nursery, the use of carbon dioxide fertilization is an effective measure to improve carbon nutrition.

The size of the nutrient area has a great influence on the growth and development of the seedlings. Experiments show that the generalized nutrient area (including root nutrient area and aboveground photosynthetic area) on the impact of flowers accounted for more than 2/3. Nutrient area determines the mineral nutrient, water changes, the supply of carbon dioxide, leaf light state and many other aspects.