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Choose Nursery Tray Five Need To Pay Attention To The Place
Aug 30, 2017

(1) plug hole size. Nursery plate due to the size of the hole hole diameter, the number of holes ranging from 18-800 range. Breeding, small seedlings, with 128-288 hole plug more economical. Begonia, Impatiens and other potted flowers and nursery seedlings, should choose a larger hole hole hole; and deep root of the swallows and some vegetable crops, you should choose the hole hole deeper disc. Gerbera, cyclamen, etc. can be the first in the small hole hole seedling plate germination, and then transplanted to the large hole seedlings nursery plate seedlings.

(2) the shape of the hole. Mainly square and round, square hole contained in the matrix generally more than about 30% of circular hole, moisture distribution is more uniform, seedlings root development more fully.

(3) manufacturing materials for plugs. Mainly polystyrene polystyrene foam film. Ornamental plant nursery is generally used polystyrene disk, vegetable seedlings available polyphenylene foam film plate.

(4) the color of the plug. The color of the plug will affect the temperature of the root of the nursery. White polystyrene foam film reflector is better, used for early and autumn early breeding, in order to reflect the light, reduce the roots of heat accumulation seedlings. While the winter and spring selection of black nursery tray, because of its good light absorption, beneficial to the development of seedlings roots.

(5) plug the re-use. Plugs should be thoroughly cleaned before repeated use and treated with a special disinfectant such as tetravalent ammonium salt to prevent root rot. For high temperature is not easy to melt high-density polyphenylene bubble film disk, can be considered steam sterilization, but to completely dry before use. For the thin texture of the plug, the number of repeated use should not be more than 3 times to prevent damage and leakage, leakage matrix.