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Causes Of Reverse Marginal Effect Of Plug Seedlings
Apr 14, 2018

1. Water and fertilizer management is not in place. In the daily management, the water in the edge of the plug tray is dissipated quickly and is not easy to be watered, so the edge of the plug tray is often in a state of low relative humidity, and the shortage of the water soluble fertilizer of the edge plug seedling further aggravates the occurrence of this phenomenon;

2. The characteristics of peat itself. In the seedling cultivation, the medium is generally kept dry, and once the peat is dry, it will be difficult to re-irrigate. This state of long-term persistence will cause the long-term deficit of water and fat in the edge of the plug, and the seedlings will naturally grow weakly;

3. Improper placement of the 3 plug trays, resulting in inconvenient watering of personnel and difficulty in finding the state of moisture in the local medium;

4. The managerial skills and management experience are insufficient.