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Water management during seedling cultivation
Jul 19, 2018

The most important job in the seedling production process is water management. However, in the actual work process, it is often done by people with little experience. Watering at inappropriate times or in the wrong way can seriously affect the production of plug seedlings.

It is absolutely not allowed to completely dry the seedlings; on the contrary, the water in the matrix is too saturated, which will cause root hypoxia (0-2%).

The water management of the seedling seedling production is generally based on the cotyledon expansion as the dividing line.

The water management before the cotyledon is unfolded is relatively simple, that is, the lower half of the pore matrix is kept moist. It is only necessary to control the dry and wet alternating of the matrix in the upper half of the hole.

After the cotyledons are unfolded, it is necessary to control the lower part of the pore matrix to see dryness according to environmental changes and plant growth. You can dig a part of the substrate before watering and see if there is a certain humidity in the lower part. Of course, it is an ideal test method to determine the weight of the tray by estimating the weight of the tray. The premise is that you have to have some experience knowing the weight of the plug at different humidity levels. You can also raise the tray to see if the substrate at the bottom of the tray is dry, to determine whether to replenish moisture. By watering, 10% of the water seeps out of the tray and enters the wet cycle. When fertilizing or filling, it must be drenched. When pouring water, it is only necessary to pour water into the tray.

The water in the matrix is lost by evaporation and absorption of water by the roots. The former plays a major role before the cotyledons are unfolded; and after the cotyledons are unfolded, the roots dominated by transpiration play a major role in water absorption. So at this time we need to judge how to water according to the influence of changes in environmental climate on plant transpiration.

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