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The Way of Driving Water in Plastic Film
Aug 30, 2017

1. Pressure irrigation water supply. For the greenhouse and the concentrated area, the general use of pressure tank, pressure tank installed in the pump and drip irrigation, no pipe network, control the continuous work set between the pressure of the studio is no longer a separate pressurized equipment. Set the rotating water and sediment in the water separator filter and the screen facility. One-time investment is less, easy to manage water supply pressure tank, the disadvantage is to increase the cost of irrigation operations.

2. Water tower water supply. Central Regional Center in the greenhouse, the establishment of each greenhouse plastic greenhouse film drip irrigation tower water, you need to meet the greenhouse drip irrigation water pressure and instability. Pumps and pipelines for water towers to install filters.

3. Single shed small water supply pump. Each greenhouse, near the 5-7 cubic meters of underground reservoirs, is good to pool the water into the pool, drip dripping the stars to install the micropump pressure and first install the filter in the drip.

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