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The root system is too advanced, resulting in abnormal growth of aboveground parts
Apr 03, 2018

1. Increase the daily average temperature, increase the average daily temperature in the temperature range of 10°C to 26°C, and increase the growth rate of the above-ground part; or use positive DIF (that is, the temperature is higher than the night temperature), which will help increase the inter-day time The length or the extension of the stem and increase the dry weight of the plant.

2. Strengthen water management: On the basis of ensuring that the medium has a proper drying process, it is necessary to increase the frequency of watering and increase the air humidity around the plug seedlings.

3. Select the appropriate fertilizer: Use ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and fertilizer with high phosphorus to promote stem and leaf extension.

4. Appropriate light levels: The shade is reduced to below 26,900 lux, especially when the light is below 16,140 lux. The leaves are given carbohydrates preferentially. In addition, a reduction in the ratio of red/far red light will also make the aerial parts grow faster.

5. Use growth regulating substances that promote internode elongation: such as gibberellin (GA), butyric acid (IBA), etc. to promote cell elongation, but unless the aboveground part grows too small, growth regulators are generally not used. To promote the growth of seedlings.


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