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The point where the user needs to pay attention when using the sprayer
Aug 30, 2017

1, to use the appropriate protective equipment, spraying pesticides must wear a mask, gloves, to avoid contact with the skin of pesticides, eyes; can not eat, drink water, smoking. Do not spray pesticides in the wind to avoid operating in hot weather. When used, the nozzle should be sprayed on people, animals and food. Now the sprayer manufacturers will generally be equipped with a mask, but after each operation must be on the mask to clean, to avoid re-use of secondary pollution, the best condition or the configuration of a reliable gas mask. At the same time should be kept in mind not to spray highly toxic, undiluted pesticides and prohibited the use of working fluid;

2, the use of force can not be too large, too much, so as not to damage the machine;

3, the correct selection of a variety of nozzles for spraying, spraying should be so that the nozzle and the crop to maintain a certain distance, to avoid the distance caused by the flow of liquid, uneven distribution and so on;

4, each time must be used in accordance with the requirements of the product manual to spray the sprayer, especially spray the herbicide sprayer, should be carefully cleaned, for some difficult to clean the pesticide, the best cleaning many times or in accordance with the special method to be Cleaning

5, when dealing with pesticides, pesticide production plants should strictly abide by the provisions of the provisions of pesticides, operations should avoid the liquid flow to wells, rivers, lakes and adjacent crops;

6, if found drug poisoning, should immediately bring the label of pesticide products to the nearest hospital to ask the doctor to deal with and not to deal with their own.

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