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The advantages of nursery plugs
Oct 19, 2017

1, energy saving and labor saving, high efficiency. The seed starter tray the precision seeding, and the seedling is controlled by a series of operations such as matrix mixing, loading plate, planting, covering and so on. The seedling age is shortened by 10-20 days compared with the conventional seedling, saving energy 2/3, labor Efficiency increased by 5-7 times.

2, suitable for long-distance transport and mechanized transplanting, plug seedling is a light matrix soilless material to do seedling base, the seedling substrate with a light weight, water retention capacity, root lump is not easy to disperse and other characteristics, fast seedling fast, high survival rate The Plugs can also be equipped with mechanized transplanting.

3, due to plug the use of factory specialized production mode of seedling, is conducive to the promotion of fine varieties, reduce the risk of fake and shoddy seeds, is conducive to standardized scientific management, improve the quality of commodity seedlings.


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