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Selection of seedling fertilizer
Jul 14, 2018

Since the tray container is small and the rinsing is fast, the pH value of the matrix changes rapidly, and the salt is easily accumulated to damage the root system of the seedling. Therefore, we should choose high-quality and stable water-soluble fertilizer as a nutrient supplement after the cotyledons are fully expanded.

There are two factors to consider when choosing a fertilizer:

1. Composition of fertilizer nitrogen fertilizer: There are three types of nitrogen, which have different effects on plant growth.

2. Choose different fertilizer formulas depending on the regional environmental conditions and climate.

The adverse effects of high humidity on seedlings are as follows: the internodes are too long, the stem segments are too thin, the branches are few, and the roots produced are also small. At the same time, under high humidity conditions, the roots will reduce the absorption of calcium, because the effect of environmental humidity on vegetable seedlings: Humidity is high, and under conditions of poor ventilation, it is easy to induce disease. Conversely, if the ambient humidity is too low, the transpiration of the plant will be too strong under high temperature and strong light conditions. If the water absorbed by the roots is insufficient to replenish the water lost by the leaves, the pores will be closed to protect the plants from water loss. excessive. As the pores are closed, carbon dioxide is also prevented from entering the plant, so photosynthesis will also stop and the plants will stop growing.

The transpiration of the plug seedlings is accelerated under low humidity conditions, which promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium by plants. In the absence of water, the stomata will close. Stop growing, so low humidity will make the stem thicker, stronger resistance, and better root development.

Therefore, it is necessary to guard against the occurrence of symptoms of calcium deficiency and magnesium deficiency in the cloudy day, and supplement it with leaf surface in time.

Normal leaf color should be pure green. If the lower leaves turn yellow, the plant nutrient is not enough or the root is injured. Dark green leaves indicate too much ammonium fertilizer. Light green leaves indicate nitrogen deficiency, ammonium poisoning or magnesium deficiency.

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