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Selection of nursery substrate
Nov 28, 2017

Good substrate should have the ideal moisture capacity; good drainage capacity and air capacity; easy rewetting; good porosity and uniform distribution of voids; stable vascular bundle structure, less dust; the appropriate PH value, 5.5-6.5; With adequate nutrients to ensure nutrient requirements before cotyledon development; very low salt levels with EC less than 0.7 (1: 2 dilution); uniform size of matrix particles; no plant pests and weeds; The quality of the same.

The effect of the smaller vermiculite is to increase the water holding capacity of the matrix rather than the porosity. To increase the drainage and breathability of the peat matrix, add perlite instead of vermiculite. Conversely, if you want to increase water holding capacity, you can add a certain amount of small particles of vermiculite.

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