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Quality tray seedlings have features
Mar 24, 2018

1. No macular, brown or black spots on stems and leaves, no pests and diseases.

2. Proportional coordination of above-ground parts and roots.

3. Plants are robust, moderately high, with short internodes and base branches.

4. The color of the plant is normal, showing the inherent color of the variety, and the cotyledon is robust.

5. Fully stretched leaves and the appropriate number of leaves (this number varies with the size of the plug seedlings, such as 288-hole plug 5 true leaves, 128-hole plug 6 true leaves), the appearance can hide the plug.

6. There are healthy, well-developed roots, white roots, and obvious root hairs on the roots. The roots just envelop the media inside the hole, so that when the medium is wet, the seedlings are easily pulled out.

7. The growing trend is neat, and the height of plug seedlings of the same species and the same batch cannot be different by 10%.

8. The end buds are normal. With the exception of the four seasons Begonia and the African Impatiens, the general seedlings cannot bear flower buds.

9. Harder stems before planting or selling.


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