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Plastic film sheds can cause cracking
Aug 30, 2017

Plastic film film into the traction roller when the high temperature, the word plate and the board and the film cooling space is small, high heat friction, the upper part of the machine ambient temperature is high, that is, plastic film cooling effect is not good, The degree of orientation and the high degree of crystallization are one of the reasons why the plastic film membrane is prone to crack along the crevice line. Therefore, the plastic shed film along the crevice line is caused by a lot of factors, but the plastic film membrane cooling, in the actual production, we analyzed the crease cracking products, the results found that the broken line of raw materials melting Index and manufacturer changes are not sensitive, but more than 95% concentrated in December, January, February low temperature production of the product.

May be due to the winter processing environment temperature is too low, plastic film into the film when the macromolecule segment of the rigid memory increases, so that the flexibility of plastic film decreased, more likely to produce crease line cracking. In addition, the production of plastic film in the hot season, especially the thin PE anti-aging plastic film and EVA film film, because the speed is not fast cooling, into the winding temperature is often greater than 40 ℃. Prone to plastic film membrane adhesion problems. Farmers in the use of the process due to difficult to open the plastic film membrane caused by the quality of the accident, it is recommended to use slippery agent and opening agent resin, or in the production by adding appropriate amount of slip agent and opening agent.

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