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Net bag product description
Aug 30, 2017

In the narrow sense, the net bag refers to the vegetable net bag, such as the shawls net bag (beans, beans, bullfrogs, seeds. Turtle, garlic), flat wire bag (with potatoes, onions, corn, sweet potatoes, radish). Broadly as long as there are holes in the pocket are net bags.

The type of bag is quite wide, the net bag is divided into small net bag and big net bag, small net bag refers to the packaging of small items with the net bag such as "grapefruit, toys, cosmetics", large net bag refers to the large size Net bags such as "round silk screen window bag, flat wire bag"

Net bag materials are generally polyethylene or polypropylene and other plastics. Materials are also divided into a variety of renewable particles, the new material, there are two mixed materials.

The net bag is generally used for the purpose of the dress, but also useful shrimp net bag filter restaurant swill, there are net bags to live with the fruits and seedlings are grown, flat wire bags can cover the sand, earth.

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