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Methods for adjusting the growth of plug seedlings
May 02, 2018

l. Reduce the daily average temperature by 2°C to 3°C or more, but note that the minimum temperature cannot exceed the lower limit of normal plant growth.

2. Use a negative DIF (night temperature is greater than the temperature), usually two hours before sunrise to achieve the purpose of negative temperature difference between day and night.

3. Dry the media as much as possible before each watering without subjecting the plants to drought stress.

4. Control the application of nitrogen. If it is necessary to apply nitrogen fertilizer, it is recommended to use fertilizer containing more nitrate nitrogen and calcium.

5. Increase the light level and use the correct growth regulator.

6. Plug seedlings are chilled, that is, they are kept in a short period of time by creating suitable conditions—mainly low temperature (5° C.), low light (50 to 100 lux), and suitable air humidity to keep the current growth. status. This technology is more common in the production of plug seedlings in foreign countries, but it is rarely used in flower breeding in China.

After refrigerated tray seedlings need to be transplanted in low light, warm (15 °C to 25 °C) environment for a period of time to restore their vitality.


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