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Method for controlling plant height other than hormone
Aug 27, 2018

1. The temperature difference between day and night (night temperature is higher than daytime temperature of 3-6 degrees, more than 3 hours) is very effective for controlling plant height. The production method is to reduce the temperature of three to four hours before and after sunrise as much as possible.

2, reduce the temperature of the environment, moisture or relative humidity, replace the ammonium nitrogen fertilizer and urea fertilizer with nitrate nitrogen fertilizer, or reduce the use of fertilizer as a whole, increase the light and other methods can inhibit the growth of plants.

3, there are also some mechanical methods such as the dialing method, the vibration method and the increase of the air flow method, can inhibit the growth of plants. For example, if the tomato plants are moved several times a day, the plant height can be significantly reduced. This method is more suitable than avoiding damage to the leaves, and the leaves such as peppers are easily injured.

Of course, if you use hormones, especially chlormequat, it will cause phytotoxicity. In addition to spraying the opposite hormone to relieve the effect, and appropriately increasing the water and ammonium nitrogen to promote growth, you can try to spray the seaweed with foliar, and you will receive obvious results.

If the roots are located on the outside of the substrate and at the root of the tray, they are often referred to as water roots, indicating excessive watering and impervious matrix. Even if the root hair is produced, it will be lost in the case of high salt and drought. The loss of root hair will prevent the growth of seedlings, prolong the slow seedling period after transplanting, and easily infect the bacteria to cause root rot.

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