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Memorial ventilation precautions
Aug 30, 2017

Summer, the weather is high, will lead to high temperature inside the greenhouse film, it is necessary at the right time for the greenhouse membrane ventilation. Shed film release, the general choice in the sunny day, two times.

The first time: the morning opened the shed after 1 hour, open the outlet about 3 cm the size of the small wind, the purpose is to shed the moisture out, add the shed of carbon dioxide, photosynthesis for the smooth addition of raw materials at the same time Early discharge of sheds of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.

The second time: such as shed temperature rose to 28 ℃ or more, for eggplant vegetables, with the greenhouse temperature rise, should be gradually open to 8-10 cm outlet is appropriate, and the need for higher growth temperature Of the cucumber, loofah and other vegetable greenhouses, simply put the outlet gradually open to 6-8 cm.

If the vegetables have been infected, such as gray mold, leaf mold and other diseases, the second ventilation should be different. The first time after half an hour, timely pull the outlet, so that the temperature quickly rose to 30-35 ℃, keep an hour or so, and then the second release. The aim is to create environmental conditions that are detrimental to pathogen growth.

It should be noted that, in the greenhouse film, due to the two walls of the greenhouse to see the endothermic heat, caused by the two temperatures rise slower, so that the temperature at both ends of the shed lower than the temperature of the greenhouse. In the release of the wind, the farmers should be shed two sheds open a little less can be.

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