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Hot stove often maintenance and lubrication
Aug 30, 2017

The maintenance and lubrication of the machine should be carried out on a regular basis. First, keep the machine dry. Do not let it rain, or put something in the water above.

(1) once a week to hot air furnace with the debris or dirt removed.

(2) once a month will be mentioned in the previous section on the skateboard and the knife and the top knife of the cleaning and maintenance lubrication to do once.

(3) once every three months in addition to the above two maintenance done, then all (shaft, heart) and the bearing plus a little oil.

(4) every two years to add a hot air furnace reducer wheel oil.

(5) should pay attention to several parts can not be refueling: a send back with a roller. B all belts. C skid and around.

(6) each time refueling, do not add too much, so as not to micro-switch due to oil and failure.

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