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Hammer fan performance
Jan 05, 2018

1, fan blades have been static balance of measurement weight, fan blades of each have been dynamic balance calibration. Reasonable blade structure design ensures the use of high strength, high winds, low noise;

2, high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy pulley, after blasting, improve the appearance, eliminate internal stress, effectively improve their own strength;

3, strict quality testing procedures: noise testing, vibration testing, static balance testing, dynamic balance testing, rotating concentricity test, the fan speed detection, machine efficiency testing;

4, the use of high-quality V-belt, high strength, long life, easy to replace, install the latest automatic belt regulator, belt life without the need for manual adjustment. Automotive parts used for ultra-quiet bearings, self-lubricating bearings;

5, a unique shutter automatic switch mechanism, with two power-free swivel hammer, equipped with automatic devices to achieve, this unique mechanism to ensure that the fans run for many years without failure;


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