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Advantages and disadvantages of commonly used sprayers
Aug 30, 2017

First, ordinary hand sprayer

Advantages: 1, low prices. 2, easy maintenance of low prices accessories sprayer

Disadvantages: 1, low efficiency, large labor intensity is not suitable for large area operations. 2, liquid running, run, drain, drop phenomenon, the operator who is easy to get wet liquid, easy to poison is not environmentally friendly. 3, the maintenance rate is too high trouble.

Second, high-pressure automatic sprayer

Advantages: 1, high efficiency (up to ordinary hand spray 3 to 4 times), low labor intensity, continuous operation. 2, less damage to the lowest maintenance rate, the basic no use of the cost. 3, atomization to reach or exceed the electric sprayer, direct injection range of 7 to 11 meters.

Disadvantages: 1, the sprayer to spend about two minutes before the syrup into the sprayer, can spray. 2, the use of different methods and other sprayer to understand the manual can be used.

Third, the electric sprayer

Advantages: 1, high efficiency (up to ordinary hand spray 3 to 4 times), low labor intensity, easy to use. 2, gives the first impression is good, easy to sell

Disadvantages: 1, the battery capacity of the sprayer determines the length of continuous operation time. 2, too many brands of different models are not common maintenance is not easy, repair costs are too high. 3, due to some electrical aspects of the things that must be repaired by professionals.

Four, motorized sprayer

Advantages: 1, high efficiency and good spray effect.

Disadvantages: 1, the purchase price is high, the use of high cost, each bucket of water to a few hair to a dollar money. 2, since the major, large noise, pollution, high temperature, hand machine operating environment is poor. 3, need professional maintenance.

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