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Greenhouse Films

We have white transparent film, light blue drip film, black plastic film.
Made of PE material; different sizes, customizable.
Can effectively block the UV, while improving soil temperature, enhance plant root absorption capacity.
  • Greenhouse Plastic Film

    Greenhouse Plastic Film

    Greenhouse plastic film, also known as agricultural plastic, poly-film and greenhouse plastic, is the most important part of a greenhouse.Give plants and crops the benefit of a long-lasting covering,can reduce packaging cost, its economical, Efficiency increasing...Read More
  • 6 Mil Greenhouse Film

    6 Mil Greenhouse Film

    Good 6 mil greenhouse film is possesses functional properties like light diffusion, extra warm-keeping and anti-condensate, dust reduction, etc, so that people in the cold season can eat fresh vegetables, improve and improve people's living standards...Read More
  • Greenhouse Covering Film

    Greenhouse Covering Film

    Greenhouse covering film can prevent sun and rain, so that fertilizer will not be lost. Plastic film hinders the evaporation of soil moisture, water retention,...Read More
  • Polyethylene Plastic Film

    Polyethylene Plastic Film

    Polyethylene plastic film is ideal single and double layer greenhouse applications.that includes excellent light transmission, UV protection and tensile strength durability...Read More
  • Plastic Greenhouse Film

    Plastic Greenhouse Film

    Plastic greenhouse film keep the greenhouse plant warm, the infra-red additive helps to maintain a more stable greenhouse environment and reduces heat loss,...Read More
  • 6 Mil Clear Greenhouse Film

    6 Mil Clear Greenhouse Film

    6 mil clear greenhouse film Can effectively absorb infrared, sunlight significantly improved and maintain better heat distribution, contribute to the greenhouse temperature...Read More
  • 8 Mil Greenhouse Film

    8 Mil Greenhouse Film

    8 mil greenhouse film protect growing plants against different conditions of weather such, can decrease using the agricultural pesticides, the environment will not bring harm,...Read More
  • 10 Mil Greenhouse Film

    10 Mil Greenhouse Film

    10 mil greenhouse film is made of the PE materail, used for agricultural greenhouses, cost-saving and convenient to use. has some degree of moisture protection,...Read More
  • 3 Mil Greenhouse Film

    3 Mil Greenhouse Film

    3 mil greenhouse film insulation performance, adequate light during the day, warming fast, slow cooling at night, play a moisturizing effect, in the season is not suitable for plant growth,...Read More
  • 12 Mil Greenhouse Film

    12 Mil Greenhouse Film

    12 mil greenhouse film is a plastic film for the production and construction of agricultural facilities, with anti-aging properties, environment-friendly, and longer life...Read More
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